sreda, 24. marec 2021

Škatlica presenečenja Motorist - Exploding box Motorcyclist

Dobrodošli v pomladi in mojem ustvarjalnem kotičku. Predstavljam vam škatlico presenečenja, ki sem jo oblikovala z največjim veseljem. Uporabila sem kombinacijo papirjev Craft O’Clock “Age of Gentleman”in Ciao Bella “Colleteral Rust”, Scrapiniec izrezke in Crafty Moly izrezek motor. Chipboarde sem tudi tokrat pobarvala z voski Pentart in Finnabair. Lep preostanek tedna vam želim!

ponedeljek, 15. marec 2021

Album Age of Gentleman

Lepo pozdravljeni po dolgem, res dolgem času na mojem blogu. Več kot leto dni nisem pisala bloga in v tem času tudi nisem ustvarjala. Danes vam bom predstavila zelo razgiban ART album, ki sem ga oblikovala za mojega dragega atana ob njegovem 70. rojstnem dnevu. Uporabila sem kolekcijo papirja Craft O’Clock - Age of Gantalman. Dodala sem Scrapiniec izrezke in kovinske dodatke, ki sem jih pobarvala z voski Finnabair in Pentart. 

torek, 03. december 2019

“Holy Night” Christmas Bauble Tree Hanger for Scrapiniec

Hello everyone! Although it’s cold, I really love December. The home is always pleasantly warm, it smells of different biscuits, pastries and lavender oil. The family looks forward to the upcoming Christmas holidays and together with the children decorate the tree.
This time I was fascinated by the Scrapiniec Bauble Tree Hanger, and I decided to give it a new look in mixed media.

First, I colored the MDF base and all other chipboards with white gesso. So, when everything was dried, I wrapped a hemp twine around the tree, and also colored with white gesso. For my Christmas tree hanger, I used three different metallic colors: Iris Potion, And at the end I added some Opal Magic Wax. When I was satisfied with the final image of the holiday tree, I attached Scrapiniec chipboard frame and small houses I made from corrugated cardboard. After that, I added other chipboards and flowers painted with metallic colors. For a snowy look, I added artificial snow and white paint splashes. 

Thanks for stopping by! See you in a few days with a new inspiration project. Meanwhile, enjoy playing with your holidays projects, Adrijana